Abasto Central has been aware of its commitment to education since its inception, which is why during the school year and daily visits are organized by school groups that receive information about fruits, vegetables and the operation of the complex. The School Council is authorized to do so and has thus been declared to be of municipal interest.

It includes topics related to:

  • Food chains
  • Healthy lifestyle habits
  • OOperation of distribution: the role of the Central Market in the supply of the city and the area, covering with its products the entire region of our country. Aspects of infrastructure and technology
  • Air conditioning of fruit, ripening of the banana
  • Students accompanied by a guide, can evaluate the activities
The students accompanied by a Guide can evaluate the activities that are carried out here, from the arrival of the products from the different points of the country, the variety of fruits and vegetables of each season and the marketing processes. In this way children and the elderly begin to know fruits and vegetables tasting them and to become aware of how to gain health through a good diet.
The Abasto Central Market offers a full breakfast rich in jams, fruits and juices. It is our intention to accompany the work of teachers by expanding and corroborating the concepts acquired by students in educational establishments.