Héctor José Pellegrino

Son of Italian immigrants from Trani, Region La Puglia, from an early age with his family he dedicated himself to the sale and distribution of fruits, vegetables and various products.
He started his work in the market of Avellaneda and in his youth he became commercially involved with the country's leading firms.
Héctor José Pellegrino, leader of the Abasto Central Group, is a recognized Consultant in Supply and Distribution, a Diploma in Refrigeration, for the design of the first cold store systems.
For just over 50 years, he has been forging the destinies of hundreds of fruit and vegetable operators who accompanied him in every commercial innovation during the summer season of 1958 and the Quilmes Abasto is his primary and revolutionary experience. It was followed by Turdera and Moron in 1960, the 10-year bidding of the Avellaneda market and the Mar del Plata Abasto in November 1963.
For years he drove with ductibility that characterizes the five markets, organizing the marketing systems, critically combining groups of operators so that they could carry forward the laws of supply and demand.
All this flow allowed him to position himself as the only developer of patented fruit and vegetable systems in the Intellectual Property Registry.